Muscial Instrument Insurance

Musical Instrument Insurance

Most people assume that their musical instrument will be covered under their household insurance or even their travel insurance and that they don’t have to worry about it too much.

broken violin

However this is not always the case and there are a number of issues to take into consideration.


  1. Do you play your instrument away from your home? Do you take it to school or play in an Orchestra? Some household policies do not cover possessions away from the home, so the moment you take your instrument out of the house, you are not covered if it is stolen, lost or damaged.
  2. Is the instrument valuable? Even if you do have cover outside the home, there are normally policy limits and conditions of cover. If you own a really valuable instrument (some violins for instance can be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds) see Stradivarius it may be too expensive for a standard household insurance.
  3. Do you play your instrument for a living? Are you part of an orchestra or band? Most household policies will exclude items if they are used as part of a profession, so again your musical instrument would not be insured.
  4. Can you get your instrument replaced if it breaks down? When you have had time to think about the answers to these question, it will become apparent that if you are a serious musician or DJ, then specialist musical instrument insurance is something that you will need to give serious consideration to.

There are several specialist companies offering instrument insurance. One particular company that speclialises in this area, has three policies available, musicguard, Insurance for musicians and their instruments, Orchestralguard, Insurance for Orchestral Musicians and their instruments and DJguard an insurance policy for DJ’s and their equipment.

Music Guard


This policy covers accidental damage, theft (including from a vehicle) or loss and most importantly your instrument against failure due to a mechanical, constructional or electronic fault.

The cover is new for old and you can choose from cover at home, UK, Europe and or Worldwide.

The policy includes public liability insurance and the hiring of a replacement instrument whilst yours is repaired or replaced.

orchestral guard


The cover is almost identical to that of musicguard, but of course caters for a whole orchestra. Although this can be as few as four people, it is much more cost effective to cover a whole band and the cost savings can be quite dramatic.



As a DJ you will be mixing with the general public in close quarters and so having adequate public liability insurance is important. This policy provides up to £2 million as standard with the option to increase to £5 million.

sound mixer
Your DJ equipment and records or CD’s are covered against accidental loss, damage or theft, including from a vehicle and the cover is new for old, with equipment hire, whilst yours is being repaired or replaced.

This is just one of several specialist Insurance companies who offer this type of policy, you can also find more information on this insurance website, so you can make a balanced decision on which insurance route to take.

Thistle Insurance Services, the company behind these policies have been providing specialist insurance since 1997. Over that time they have managed to insure over £60 million of musical instruments and equipment for thousands of musicians.

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